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Adobe Stock Photos Free for 1 Month

Have you tried Adobe Stock yet? If not, we are happy to announce that you can start your free month now. That’s right! You don’t have to pay for the first month of your subscription. When you sign up for the stock photo website for a year, your first month will be refunded. That means you only have to pay for 11 months and get to save $29.99 or $79.99, depending on your chosen plan. Within the next month, you can enjoy 10 Adobe Stock photos free.

Here’s a step by step guide on how to get a free trial:

  • Go to the stock photo site’s landing page ( and click “Start Now”.
  • Log in to your account if you already have one, otherwise create a new account.
  • Enter the required information and your desired payment method.
  • Click “Start your free 1-month trial”.

Congratulations! You can now enjoy 10 free images from Adobe Stock – the place to find the perfect assets for your next creative projects.

Adobe Stock Photos FreeIt’s easy and simple, right? You don’t have to deal with complicated processes or give up details you don’t have to for a chance to get the Adobe Stock Photos Free Trial.

Here’s a quick view of the pricing available in the stock photo site with free trial:

  • 10 Standard assets per month. This option is perfect for consistent needs of photos of average amount. The plan is at $29.99/month for a year. Signing up to this plan entitles you to a free month – cancel risk free, and additional standard assets of as low $2.99 each. You can also rollover up to 120 images upon renewal.
  • 40 Standard assets per month. If you require more images for multiple creative projects, we recommend this plan. Also coming with a free month when you subscribe to the annual plan, you can enjoy 40 standard assets, cancel-risk free month, additional images at $1.99 each and rollover of 480 images.

Both come with a 30 day free trial. So, determine your creative needs and budget and choose the plan that best suits them.

Why You Need a Versatile WordPress Photo

It’s a common misconception that a featured wordpress photo must be the first image to appear in the post. This does not always have to be the case. You can place the image any place you like. That’s why it needs to be versatile. You also need to check the image if it is suitable for use. The theme is likely to have pre-determined image sizes that you need to work with.

If your wordpress photo does not convey your message, it won’t do its job informing your target audience or enticing your customers. It is important that you choose the right image. In wordpress, you can scale and crop the featured image. While wordpress has its own gallery, sometimes the images are just not enough to cater to your creative needs.

This plugin can do so much:

PixelRockstar is wordpress photo plugin that features over 4 million high quality images. It comes with a Digital License, which is specifically designed for digital use only. Unlike other traditional image sources, the plugin removes all common limitations. Images can be posted successfully and effectively in both websites and social media outlets. With size up to 2000 pixel, the images you download are yours to use forever. They are legally-safe, too. You can search and add photos within one year of purchase.

Where CAN’T you use these amazing wordpress photos?

·         In hate or sexual context

·         In illegal messages

You cannot share, sell or distribute the wordpress photo, too. Moreover, you cannot use PixelRockstar photos for physical goods, such as T-shirts and other digital/printed products. The Digital License is only limited to websites and social media use.


If you are looking for versatile wordpress photo, PixelRockstar is the plugin for you! It is safe and easy to use, and affordable. You don’t have to worry about legal risks along the road. Be legally safe with PixelRockstar!

Getty Footage Collections You Should Check Out

Have you seen Getty’s video page? It’s pretty impressive. If the stock media site can present such footages on their page, imagine what you can get when you access its collection. Getty Images is popular not only for its high quality content, but also for its highly searchable library. When you visit its webpage, the user-friendly search bar allows you to start your search using keywords relevant to your theme or subject.

What will you find at Getty Footage webpage?


You will find various ways to explore footages, that is. Aside from the common search tool, the stock site also divides its collection into categories.

  • 4K and Editorial Videos. Editorial videos consist of current and archival video clips of newsmakers, events and celebrities. Getty Images has over 900,000 Editorial videos in its library. You can search through 9,282 of all its pages. From awards nights to red carpet appearances, you will find a great deal of celebrity clips. On the other hand, 4K Getty footage include stock videos, archival and contemporary film, in 4K and HD. The stock site has over 1.8 million creative videos that you can work with. Whether it is clip of traffic in the city or a woman doing push-ups, you’ll find it here.
  • Editorial Events. Another category you should check out is Editorial events. It includes entertainment, latest news, and archival calendar events in the past and at the present – all around the world. This collection features recent events from fashion, entertainment, news, archival and features category. Over 20,000 clips of recent events are currently included in the collection.
  • Popular Categories. You can also browse through popular categories that include 4K resolution, business, healthcare, science and technology, so on and so forth. Getty Images has 24 popular categories, Whatever industry you are in, you can surely find the footage you need in these categories.
  • Featured Collections. Getty’s featured collections include videos from popular media companies such as BBC Motion, NHK Video, Bloomberg, and National Geographic. There are 18 other media partners that contribute to the stock site’s rich collection.


Due to the stock site merging with Corbis Motion, its collection has become more comprehensive and diverse. What creative professionals cannot find in the library before are now available, which widens their choices when it comes to completing their creative projects.

All Getty footage can be purchased a la carte or with Ultrapacks, you can find some promo codes here for Getty footages. If you only need one video clip, you will do well with the a la carte buying option which is set at $125 each. On the other hand, Ultrapacks are recommended for larger creative needs. They come with a certain number of downloads at a discounted price. A 5-item pack can give you $50 worth of savings as individual prices are reduced to $115. So, what Getty footage collection will you check out?