It’s a common misconception that a featured wordpress photo must be the first image to appear in the post. This does not always have to be the case. You can place the image any place you like. That’s why it needs to be versatile. You also need to check the image if it is suitable for use. The theme is likely to have pre-determined image sizes that you need to work with.

If your wordpress photo does not convey your message, it won’t do its job informing your target audience or enticing your customers. It is important that you choose the right image. In wordpress, you can scale and crop the featured image. While wordpress has its own gallery, sometimes the images are just not enough to cater to your creative needs.

This plugin can do so much:

PixelRockstar is wordpress photo plugin that features over 4 million high quality images. It comes with a Digital License, which is specifically designed for digital use only. Unlike other traditional image sources, the plugin removes all common limitations. Images can be posted successfully and effectively in both websites and social media outlets. With size up to 2000 pixel, the images you download are yours to use forever. They are legally-safe, too. You can search and add photos within one year of purchase.

Where CAN’T you use these amazing wordpress photos?

·         In hate or sexual context

·         In illegal messages

You cannot share, sell or distribute the wordpress photo, too. Moreover, you cannot use PixelRockstar photos for physical goods, such as T-shirts and other digital/printed products. The Digital License is only limited to websites and social media use.


If you are looking for versatile wordpress photo, PixelRockstar is the plugin for you! It is safe and easy to use, and affordable. You don’t have to worry about legal risks along the road. Be legally safe with PixelRockstar!